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LEITAT collaborates with public institutions, state-owned bodies, universities and other technological centres at three main areas: testing, research and development (R & D) and innovation (i) and new technologies.

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RMT is a Spanish familiar ownership company focused on loose wool blending and/or bleaching treatments supplying, worldwide carpet industry and in trading greasy wool, scoured wool and tops.

2010 sells was 2000 tons of wool production and 200 tons of wool just traded. Exports 60 % share.

In 2004 RMT reallocated his activities in a bigger state of the art at new facility developing successful new proprietary technologies one for fibres treatment and another a machine for fibres dosing, also a strategic collaboration was set up with “The Wool Mark Company” for exploring worldwide business opportunities of dry bleaching RMT process. RMT has licensed the dry bleaching process to a Chinese and a Portuguese companies.
RMT process handles the wool as dry bulky material providing a wool dust by-product used as slow release fertiliser instead of usual liquid waste generation.

RMT during the last 5 years has included new products based on wool for thermal & acoustic isolation getting the ATE approval and CE registration number.



Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas – Instituto de Química
Avanzada de Cataluña. CSIC-IQAC

The Institute was created in 2007 within the frame of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC), which is the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe. Its research is driven by its centres and institutes with more than 12,000 staff. CSIC generates approximately 20% of all scientific production in the country.

In particular the IQAC Group, which will participate in this project, has as main research lines: lipid assembling, lipokeratinic tissues, percutaneous absorption and physicochemical characterization of colloids with potential industrial applications.

The main research topics performed by IQAC related with the project applied are the followings:


-Wool extraction methodologies with organic solvents and supercritical fluid extraction to obtain ceramides and modify wool fibres (1 patent).

-Physicochemical and structural study of the wool fibre, mainly its lipidic fraction for the cosmetic and dermopharmaceutical field (3 patents).

-The use of liposomes on wool dyeing to lower environmental impacts (3 patents).

-Liposomes as a dispersing agent to increase dye exhaustion (1 patent).



From the past that our wool defines our way, so we want in our future that the quality of our wool allied with the latest technology combined with environment preservation reach the next generations.”

Keeping the tradition in the art of scouring wool, the Tavares scouring plant, is in activity since June 2002 with a line of scouring technology, brand ANDAR ( New Zealand ). This stands out for continuous improvement of the process of scouring wool and preservation of the environment by implementing new procedures and equipments.

The Textile Manuel Rodrigues Tavares, S. A (TMRT) is guided by the full satisfaction of the Client, and the implementation of measures to improve, always trying to full fill the legal requirements applicable to their activity.

There is to emphasize the improvement of wool quality through constant monitoring through laboratory testing and research of new procedures, as well as concern for the environment, reflected in the separation of the residues, or with biological treatment of water from scouring wool in our EPTAR.

The scouring plant has yet implemented a Quality Management System certified by SGS – ICS and in accordance with standard NP EN ISO 9001:2000, which has been recognized by our customers as a guarantee of confidence.

The recognition from the scouring plant extends beyond borders, including Spain , France , among others.

C/ de la Innovació, 2 08225 Terrassa (Barcelona)